Tiktok Rating Drops to 1.6 Stars from 4.6 stars

Tiktok rating drops to 1.6 stars from 4.6 stars over the last week on Google Play store after the war between a YouTuber CarryMinati Vs Tiktok creator Amir Siddiqui. Everything began when TikTok Creator Amir Siddiqui posted a video on Instagram getting out YouTubers. In his video, Amir Siddiqui blamed YouTubers for counterfeiting TikTok content and missing out on brand supports. Famous roaster Ajey Nagar, known as CarryMinati, lashed out against Amir Siddiqui’s video on YouTube, which was later brought down for abuse.

CarryMinati released the video titled YouTube vs Tiktok it put Fight between the Tiktok Creators and the YouTubers CarryMinati roasted TikTok creators and the video goes viral over the 75 million views. this video was taken down by Youtube For violating YouTube’s terms of services.

People Giving 1-star reviews to Tiktok is rating goes down to 1.2 stars From 4.6 Star in Last One Week on Google Play Store and the apple app store. Now the tiktok rating rises 1.2 stars to 1.6 stars Google deleted over the million reviews on Tiktok app.

Twitter user Norbert Elekes, posted the tweet number of reviews went down from 28 million when the rating was at 1.2, to 27 million when the rating was seen at 1.6.

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